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Stevie Nicks became famous in the 1970s when she joined Fleetwood Mac with boyfriend, Lindsey Buckingham. Audiences were captivated by her soft, sultry voice; and so, paired with her floaty style, a true icon was born.

Born: 26th May 1948
Famous for: 1/4 of the 1970s Anglo-American rock band, Fleetwood Mac.
Style Characteristics: Romantic/hippie stagewear.

Early Life
Stevie was born in Phoenix, Arizona, and first learnt to sing with her grandfather (who was a dwindling country singer). She recalls performing duets with him as a young child.

Stevie's gyspy style (in both fashion and music) was heavily influenced by her love of fairy tales - a by-product of her mother's overprotective nature. Instead of going out to play with friends, Stevie would immerse herself in stories. 

Stevie wrote her first song on her sixteenth birthday, it was called "I've Loved and I've Lost, and I'm Sad But Not Blue". With this, she joined her first band, however, later met her future musical and romantic partner at High School, Lindsay Buckingham, leaving "The Changing Times" to join "Fritz".

Fritz became a popular live act, and they soon began to support iconic musicians such as Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin.

Fleetwood Mac
Stevie and Lindsay left Fritz in 1972 to pursue a career in music together, however, Stevie endured many years of waitressing and cleaning before her career with Fleetwood Mac turned her into the 70s icon she is today.

Nicks and Buckingham joined Fleetwood Mac at the end of 1974 (only after Buckingham insisted that he would only join if Stevie be invited into the band too - they insisted they were a "package deal" - something that paid off as Stevie is the most iconic member of the band!).

Stevie Nicks worked with designer Margi Kent to develop her unique onstage look - this often included flowing skits, shawls and platform boots (influenced by the floaty dresses often pictured in fairytales). 

Although Fleetwood Mac as a band became extremely successful, tensions started to grow between Stevie and Lindsay; Nicks eventually ended the relationship as she felt it was affecting their creativity. Despite this, the band continued to record their  album Rumours

Nicks' most notable contribution to Rumours was "Dreams" which was the band's only No.1 hit single. Regardless of the tensions and affairs within the band, however, they continued recording well into the late 70s.

Stevie Nicks is known for her romantic image, flowing skirts, shawls, lace and long blonde hair have become her most notable style characteristics. Nicks collaborated with designer Margi Kent  in order to perfect her style which she still calls her "uniform".

During the late 70s/early 80s, Nicks adopted the style of Renaissance velvet berets decorated with plume feathers, this was a continuation of her romantic/gypsy style.

Stevie's shawls and capes have great significance within her live performances, for example, she wears red/crimson for "Sara", white for "Edge of Seventeen" and gold for "Gold Dust Woman".

Although they are often associated together, Stevie Nicks admitted to being inspired by Janis Joplin and Grace Slick (from Jefferson Airplane) as her first band "Fritz" began as one of Joplins' supporting acts.

Stevie has commented on her style in interviews, conveying her shock in finding out she was not only appreciated for her music, but also for her "Bella Donna/Witchy" image. Most of her clothing, she says, was for practical reasons. She often wore platforms so as not to feel short in comparison to the rest of the band.

"I'm timeless, I got that Dickensian, London street-urchin look in high school. I'll never be in style, but I'll always be different."
"I've always liked long, flowing clothes,...I used to rummage around in my grandmother's trunks trying to find them. I love the feeling of chiffon and lace."

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