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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Interview | Christian Cowan Sanluis | Fashion Designer

Fashion designer and Womenswear student at LCF, Christian Cowan Sanluis is also a friend of mine who’s designs have been featured in countless magazines and favoured by Lady Gaga who wore an outfit deemed ‘the glitter tux’, immortalised forever through illustrations and articles.

Constantly perplexing me by effortlessly juggling student life with creating his own collections, I interviewed Christian to see just how he does it…

E: What was the motive for setting up your brand so early on, before graduating as most fashion students and designers do?

Christian: I'm too impatient, I just wanted to do it now, so I decided to just begin. I felt a head start would help. 

E: Designing at home or in a classroom is totally different to putting your ideas out there in magazines or press days, why take such a huge step into the unknown?

C: I always find university themes really constricting, so it's nice to do your own work. You call the shots and say what is right and what's not. So I started because I'm a control freak with my designs; I don't like being told what I think looks great isn't going to get me the marks!

E: Inspiration is found through many different areas of life, something ever changing and evolving. Do you have one driving force spurring you on?

C: I really enjoy working (so that helps). When I was younger I was heavily influenced by nature shows, (David Attenborough!!) and I always gravitated towards insects and the weirder animals. So I think that was my first influence, since then I've just wanted to create fun fashion that makes people feel empowered. 

E: How do you handle your success? Are you getting used to some things more than others?

C: Ha ha! I don't feel like much is different to be honest, but I have noticed more people are up for working together which is great, I love to collaborate and work with someone who has a different skill set.

E: Do you celebrate each milestone? How?

C: I get really excited for like 5 minutes and then feel unsatisfied, ha!

E: Always looking to the next project! Your collections really do seem effortless, you're so calm and almost secretive during term time, there must be a lot more to it than meets the eye - to you get any help with sourcing fabrics etc or is it more of a one man "band"?

C: I wish I had some bit team! But apart from help from my friends when they are round, (I use them as slaves) I do most of the work. Of course when it comes to the look book, video & presentation, there's tonnes of people involved. Which is nice.

E: Do you use the same processes as we do at LCF? Research - initial designs - samples - developed… or it is a totally different ball park?

C: No not really, I collect images I love on my phone, write notes of ideas, lots of scribbles and then draw them up. From there I devise a story to base the collection from.

E: What do you work towards?

C: I want to create a collection that feels young, energetic, fresh and fun! I want it to make people smile and laugh (in a nice way).

E: Do you really follow things like fashion week and go to exhibitions or do you think there are more ways to be in touch with the industry?

C: I always see what's happening through Instagram etc. I go to exhibitions when I can but I don't really attempt the LFW shows, although I do go to the parties that are around as its nice to see everyone - and get a free drink. 

E: Personally, I think that fashion, music, art, films etc can all be integrated, do films/music inspire you? What's your favourite film?

C: Yes, definitely! Music probably influences me the most. I grew up glued to the TV, watching music videos. The internet is a main source of inspiration and video games, so that's definitely where I feel at home.

E: The digital age! Would you ever consider designing for a film as many designers have done in the past (e.g. Gaultier for "Fifth Element")?

C: I'd love to! I just need someone to ask me!

E: What do you think is your greatest extravagance/indulgence?

C: Food. I have the worst diet ever, a lot of snacks come through my front door.

E: Too tempting to pass up, ha! So what's next for you and your brand?

C: I'm just trying to improve on what I do and get my work out there. I'd love to build up my stockists and have a great team onboard.

E: An empire in the making! Your designs are always immaculate, name something you think has been horrifically overdone in fashion?

C: Those Rottweiler t-shirts, they need to stop.

E: And something that needs more 'representation' in fashion?

C: I must say living in London I feel like everything is on show, we can't really complain.

E: Lastly, where's your go to place away from the fashion industry? Be it a place of tranquility or just somewhere a little different/exciting.

C: My mum's house near Cambridge, it's on a farm and her dogs are awesome so when it all gets a bit much I hide up there.

E: Thank you Christian! It was great to chat, good luck with all your future collections, we can't wait to see everything!

Follow Christian on Instagram (@christiancs94) and Twitter (@ChristianCXMCS) for updates on his new collections.

Want to intern for Christian? Get in touch! "Know any sassy people who would be up for helping with my SS15 collection and some extra projects? Send them my way!"

E x

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