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Friday, 13 February 2015

Catch up!

Somewhere between writing articles/essays, and pretending to work on my website, I realised I hadn't posted anything on here by way of keeping this up to date with my words…

1 Granary launched their exciting new website, and with it came an abundance of posting! I interviewed Maiko Takeda about her upcoming work, and she managed to keep very quiet about her designs adoring Bjork in her new album. Nevertheless, it was interesting to chart Takeda's career from the last time I saw her work at Somerset House. 

I didn't think the title "lick and tickle" would get past my editor, but my cheeky writing paid off (I'll be annoying everyone on my Facebook with it for a week!). Casper Werner's upmarket up-cycling is something of intrigue - he tickles a classical dress with the start contradiction of brush bristles. 

Not much, but I didn't think that posting an 8-page essay would even be interesting to any of my fellow fashion historians! More soon ~


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