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Sunday, 15 July 2012


Felicity Charlotte, a fashion designer based in Birmingham (until she starts her degree in September), is already savvy with the ways of developing collections and selling her pieces. I interviewed her to find out more about the way she works, and her plans for the future...

EF: Obviously just looking at some of your work, I can tell you're going to do well in the world of fashion design! Do you have any ideas on what your label would be called?
FC: Aww thank you, aren't you sweet! I'm currently trying to think of a name for my brand, I've been selling a few bits and pieces with the name "Alienus" which is latin for "being alienated". Despite this, I've wanted to come up with a different name to match the collections I'll be creating in the future!

EF: What sort of style do you gravitate towards designing? Do you design for yourself/friends/celebrities?
FC: I don't necessarily want to design for a certain thing or cause, I want to create collections for myself that catches everyone's eye for being unique and pushing boundaries!

EF: An obvious question, but it's always interesting to ask, who are your favourite fashion designers?
FC: I am forever being asked this question, and I never, ever have a straight answer! The truth is, I don't believe I have a favourite (I know it sounds ridiculous) but right at this very moment, a designer catching my eye and who I would kill to work with is Alis Pelleschi. She is not only the designer for MEAT clothing but an outstanding photographer and stylist; constantly pushing boundaries with up and coming trends. And to be frank I just adore her work and believe we could do wonders together!

A piece from Felicity's collection "Royally Tacky"

EF: Do you have a least favourite designer?
FC: To be 100% honest I really don't have a designer that is my least favourite, but collections by Prada really do tend to bore me to death. Don't get me wrong, Prada is classic, but it's just not my style. I'd rather be outraging than classic.

EF: When did you first realise that fashion could be a possible career for you?
FC: I've always really enjoyed fashion, throughout my life. At school I was always wearing something slightly different to everyone; or at work, I always managed to rock my work uniform into something wearable! But I was so afraid (for quite a long time) to admit that I wanted a career in design, I was brought up in such an academic surrounding and so that felt like the most normal option. I was afraid to be different, but it never felt right suppressing my creative desires. So I finally broke the mould! And here I am, the odd one out, but loving every second! 

EF: Where do you find inspiration for your designs?
FC: My inspiration comes from EVERYTHING, from the queen, to science, to the 90s. In everyday life there is always something that will catch my eye and I often think to myself "how could I translate that into a future collection?".

Felicity's handmade harness, displayed sketches

EF: What was your last collection based on? What did you name it?
FC: My last collection had to be designed for up and coming trends for S/S '12, so I used pink pastel colours and a royal theme throughout my collection. Mixing various materials such as PVC and chiffon allowed me to add my own touch. It was named "Royally Tacky" (I think the name explains everything!).

EF: What brand/designer would you love to see yourself designing for in a few years time?
FC: I would love to just collaborate with a few smaller designers and try to work our ways up to having our own brand, but, I would love to collaborate with Jeremy Scott as I adore how ridiculous some of his work is!

EF: Five celebrities/designers you'd invite to a dinner party (dead or alive)?
FC: I love this question! John Travolta, Isabella Blow, Amy Winehouse, Tyler Okonma and last but not least Vivienne Westwood - It would be a great, yet strange dinner party!

Finished harness, displayed on a mannequin

EF: Are there any fashion magazines that inspire your creativity?
FC: VICE magazine has probably influenced me the most as I've collected it for years. I love how versatile and really in your face it is! VICE speaks the truth, I would love to work with them some day!

EF: Personally, I think that fashion, music, art, films etc can all be integrated, do films/music inspire you? What's your favourite film?
FC: Hands down favourite film is Pulp Fiction, I could watch it forever for the style, the music and actors are just everything! Quentin Tarantino is a god!

EF: Would you ever consider designing for a film as many designers have done in the past (e.g. Gaultier for "Fifth Element")?
FC: I would love to design for a film! It would probably have to be a crazy 80s alien porn film, but I'd love it!

EF: Is there one fashion item you wish you'd bought? Something you're really gutted you didn't splash the cash at?
FC: I have always wanted a beige Burberry trench coat, just so that it'd make me feel like a goddess if I paired it with some heels and red lippy! But I've never quite had the money to buy one, yet!

another of Felicity's creations!

EF: Do you often work to music/films/tv programs playing in the background? If so, name a few!
LF: If I want to work really hard and fast I have my iPod in my ears with some kind of playlist or a new album I'm in love with! For a long time it was Frank Ocean's Nostalgia Mixtape, but as he released his album yesterday, I'm pretty sure that will be on repeat!

EF: Last thing you bought (fashion/beauty/other)?
FC: The last thing I bought was an off the shoulder long sleeved black dress (Ebay, £4!!). I'm all for bargains and I know it will be perfect for any occasion!

EF: Have you ever had any work experience/interned anywhere? Who would you love to intern for in the future?
FC: I haven't had any work within the industry as of yet, but I would love to work alongside a few designers, including MEAT clothing (I love working with latex). Or even working for a magazine would be amazing! Helping out with styling for magazines such as iD or Vice would be ideal!

EF: Lastly, what era would you love to have lived in fashion wise?
FC: THE 80s!! Hands down - the big hair, the tight trousers and the hopeless love!

Thank you for interviewing me! You're a darlin! F x

Nooo, thank you sweetie! It's been fabulous to interview you! E x

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