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Saturday, 7 July 2012

My Final Piece - Inspired by the Gypsy Culture/ Bohemianism

Apologies for my lack of posting recently, A-Levels have taken over my life these past few months and I needed some time to get over it all!

This is just a quick overview of my final A-Level piece for fashion design - the title I chose was "mobile" and so initially thought that the Gypsy culture would fit in nicely as it was a travelling community, and therefore mobile. 

A piece by Ossie Clark, exhibited in the Museum of Bath

A piece of second hand research - my own sketch of a tunic by Zandra Rhodes (1982)

In order to make my first hand research, I visited the British museum and also found a Gypsy caravan (or a Vardo). Then, as pictured below, I gravitated towards designers from the 60s/70s for my second hand research, looking at pieces by Ossie Clark, Zandra Rhodes and Bill Gibb in particular. 

From this research I began to create samples, initial, developed and a design final idea, and then went on to create my textile design, ready to be transferred onto a silk screen to be screen printed. This process was all to be done before the exam.

One of many experimental samples I did throughout the project

Rough sketches of my developed idea, the design on the right was to be
 finished and adapted to create my final design

My design, on the silk screen

Finally, during the exam I created my ensemble of both a tunic and trousers (not pictured), the main details of which were of course the screen print design, as well as shearing. 

The pattern of the tunic was adapted from a basic female block, as well as this, I added a collar. I drafted the high waisted trouser block myself, from the pattern book and then proceeded to adapt it to my design. 

My final piece! - only the tunic is pictured here, because 
I couldn't find anyone to model my trousers properly!


  1. Yay! You are amazing! That tunic is fab! Thank you for sharing it with us! Curious? Do you ever wear any of your own designs? Well, anyways. I loved it!


  2. not this one because it's still being marked! but yes definitely! I plan on making a tonne of dresses over summer!!

    thank you sweetie! xxxx