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Monday, 9 July 2012


As a fashion student living in London, any new exhibition at the V&A is a must see (got to put the membership to good use, for something other than sitting and ordering coffees in the members lounge and buying trinkets in the shop)...

The exhibition contains couture gowns worn by icons through the ages, donated by designers and wearers alike, so, excitedly I went up to South Ken with my sketchbook and pencils...

...Only to be told off for trying to draw!!

I know most people don't really draw at exhibitions, but fashion students (especially at A level and up) are used to overcoming the embarrassment of sitting on the floor and attempting to draw, despite the odd comment from a growing audience (good or bad!) - it's a necessity for first hand research.

While being told off, I was "advised" to buy the book, which I stupidly did, only to be greeted with dark, dingy photos, no closeups of embellishment or a great deal of writing. In fact more than half the collection was missing!

Usually I am a huge supporter of the V&A, however, this visit has slightly put me off it. I thought they were based around education but I was disappointed with the treatment I got and the fact that they saw buying a book a better alternative to drawing from the real thing.

Either let me draw at the exhibition which I had to pay to get into, or provide a good book to draw from!!

I should definitely say though, that regardless of my mini rant, the exhibition itself is stunning - I hope I haven't put anyone off actually going, because it is worth seeing!

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